Black bear hunting with Newfoundland Adventures Ltd will give you an opportunity to take one of the largest Black Bears in the world. With numerous bears visiting our stands and hunting over 3 remote black bear areas animals taken 300, 400, 500, 600 pounds are a reality! We hunt from well constructed permanent wooden tree stands that are roomy, well camouflaged, and complete with chairs enabling comfort and ease of hunting. Our stands are distanced from bait ensuring excellent visibility of incoming animals. Ranges are specific for black powder, rifle and bow hunters. Our species of Bear score exceptionally high, Newfoundland Black Bears are predisposed to large skulls and massive body weights, We have had clients take bears over 600 pounds with larger animals seen and videoed.

Studies done by the Department of Tourism have indicated the male black bear in our area is 37% larger and female black bear 55% larger on average then bears of New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Maine and Alaska. Our remote hunting areas encompass some of the best Black Bear hunting available on the island.

Our own “very unique” baiting techniques have proven to be very successful. We take a limited number of clients each season to ensure conservation and to provide you with a quality Trophy hunt. We offer one bear per license. Fishing for landlocked Salmon and brook trout is available as a combination with our spring black bear hunt. We offer fall baited and spot-and-stalk hunting, as well as combination Moose/Caribou and Bear hunting is available. Our clients have received awards for bears taken with the ‘Longhunter society, and Boone & Crockett Club.’ For an exceptional black bear hunt spring or fall contact us for pricing and dates of availability.

Season dates for Bear Hunting: Spring - late May through June; Fall – September
through early October. Call today to book your Newfoundland bear hunt.

See bear hunt review below from Tony Smotherman of Travelin' Hunter Outdoors:

"Bear hunting has not always been in my blood, but thanks to my good friend and bear guru, Dick Scorzafava, I now am a bear addict. You see, for the past few years I have quizzed Dick on why he was so obsessed with chasing black bears. His response was, “I’m going to send you on a hunt for some of the largest black bears around and you tell me when you get back why I’m obsessed”.

He sent me to meet up with Todd and Laura Wiseman of Newfoundland Adventures Ltd. of Deer Lake, Newfoundland. After catching up with Todd and his wife in the airport in Deer Lake, I come to find out that Newfoundland has the largest strain of black bear in the country as they are Island bear that have never mixed with the main land Canadian bears. They have smaller bodies, but their skulls are much larger and as we all know, that is what we want in a trophy bear.

In all my years of hunting across the country I have never ran into any one person that I considered a modern day Grizzly Adams and I must say Todd and his crew all fall under that name. They are very woods smart and know bears like no other. In the short week that I was under their roof I saw in access of 20 bears.

On big hunting trips like this one it is also about the experience and you get your share of awesome experiences there. The lodge sits on a remote lake where you drink and shower with water right from the lake…’s really untouched country. During the day the hum of the generator off in the distance probably means they are making fresh doughnuts for the evenings bait sessions. Yep, these guys are so dedicated that they have their own doughnut making machine and they are not just for the bears. I grabbed a few when they dropped of the grating and they were really good. I see why the bears roll in each evening to the bait sites by the droves.

If a black bear is on your list of adventures, you owe it to yourself to visit with Todd and
Laura. They Rock!

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